Established in 2006 and revived in 2012 after a short hiatus, this site was originally set up to publicise and document discussions, seminars and other events organised by teachers of Hungarian language, literature and culture in London, based at the UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies. The site is maintained (sporadically) by Dr Gwen Jones.

Members of the original group are: Dr Daniel Abondolo, Reader in Hungarian (UCL-SSEES), Dr Gwen Jones, Hon. Research Associate (UCL Hebrew and Jewish Studies), Prof. Peter Sherwood, László Birinyi, Sr. Distinguished Professor in Hungarian Literature and Culture (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), and Ms. Eszter Tarsoly, Senior Teaching Fellow in Hungarian Language (UCL-SSEES).

We chose to call ourselves the Friday Circle after the Vasárnapi kör (Sunday Circle, also sometimes known as the Lukács Circle), a group of young thinkers and aesthetes who met on Sundays during World War I to discuss philosophy, ethics, aesthetics and politics. The group’s members included the philosophers György (Georg) Lukács and Béla Fogarasi, film theorist Béla Balázs, composer Zoltán Kodály, poet Anna Lesznai, sociologist Károly (Karl) Mannheim, art historians Arnold Hauser, Frigyes Antal and Lajos Fülep, and writer Emma Ritoók.

Like them, we wanted to drink coffee while discussing what we felt were pressing issues of the day, except we met on Fridays.

Source: fortepan.hu

Source: fortepan.hu

This site now documents ongoing discussions and activities, and contains an edited selection of articles from our old site. Should you wish to get in contact, the email address is: hungarian.studies[at]gmail.com

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