• – Nyelv és tudomány (Language and science, HU), an excellent blog on language and culture
  • – online dictionary of contemporary slang and language use (HU)
  • Hunglish korpusz – searchable Hungarian-English corpus from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Institute of Linguistics


  • Digitális Irodalmi AkadémiaDigital Literary Academy (HU, EN, DE), online archive of original texts, biographical sources and secondary literature on a wide range of twentieth-century and contemporary authors
  • Élet és irodalomLife and Literature (HU), weekly journal of art, culture and politics, now subscription only
  • – Hungarian literature online (EN), reviews, interviews, etc.
  • hunlit – searchable, multilingual (HU, EN, DE, FR) database of authors
  • József Attila Kör – Attila József Circle (HU)
  • – contemporary literature and culture portal (HU)
  • – general arts portal (HU)

Libraries, museums and archives

Hungarian authors

  • István Örkény –  National Széchenyi Library multimedia exhibition (HU, EN)
  • Miklós Radnóti – MTA library exhibition on the centenary of Radnóti’s birth (HU, EN)



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